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While you were working: Police drones are getting lift

They may not have Robocop’s dry charm, but drones are taking off as law enforcement’s shiny new sidekick. Armed with artificial intelligence and a direct connection to the cloud, departments nationwide are experimenting with the new tech. According to the Center for the Study of the Drone at New York’s Bard College, the number of

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While you were working: MIT’s AI psycho and other tech tales

Here’s a roundup of news stories you may have missed while you were working. Researchers at MIT trained an AI robot exclusively on ultraviolent Reddit content, and the results were creepy. The MIT team asked “Norman,”—named after Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho killer—to identify Rorschach inkblots as part of a Rorschach test and boy, howdy, did he

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How it works: Fingerprint scanning

By Deanna Zammit Just 15 years ago, fingerprint scanning was a cinematic trope, the stuff of James Bond and Mission Impossible, meant to telegraph high-level security clearance and even higher stakes intelligence operations. Now, consumers carry the same technology around in their cell phone, using their most personal signature for quick access to a new

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