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PublicSecurity.Today highlights how industry leaders are bringing together people, policy, and technology platforms to keep citizens safe in this modern age. We’ll examine how to forge best practices, build teams, and integrate the right tools at a time when maintaining public safety is an exercise in agility.

Our publication is broken into three main categories: People, Policy, and Platforms. Here’s what we’ll cover.

People:  We’ll focus on the human side of public security with an emphasis on how civilian, law enforcement, and security professionals are building and training modern teams.

Policy & Procedure:  We’ll highlight the variety of policy and procedure issues that arise when teams strive to meet modern challenges. New laws and programs at the federal, state, and local levels, changes to standard operating procedures, insurance policies and more impact how the people on the ground carry out their duties.

Platforms:  We’ll explore advances in public security technology, highlighting how technology has evolved, how its changing security now and what is on the horizon.  Most importantly, this section will address how these advancements can integrate to improve safety.

Our fourth section, Events, will feature global security conferences, events, and summits where the public security community can meet, exchange ideas, and stay abreast of today’s solutions.

While reading PublicSecurity.Today, you will note that our editorial focus is on the integration of People, Policy, and Platforms. We believe it is critical that all three areas need to work closely together to create a safer world for our global citizens.

Thank you for visiting us. We welcome you to join the conversation around PublicSecurity.today.

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